Everyone seems to dread the thought of sharing their homes with rodents or nuisance insects. The bottom line is that you don't have to. With the proper assessment and treatment plan, pests can be properly managed.

Pests differ from each other in many ways and these differences determine how to approach and treat a particular problem. While it may be almost impossible to rid a home from the threat of pests forever, there are many effective control and preventive measures that can be taken.

There are some things that you as a homeowner can do. Sanitation is always important. Keep garbage and garbage cans secure. Pick up spills. The effective use of weather stripping, caulking, using screens are all important in helping to exclude pests from our homes.

Consider hiring a pest management professional. The pest management professionals at Regiment Pest Control are dedicated to protecting our environment. Our concern for your health and property is as though it was our own.

Safety is always a concern. The proper handling and use of pesticides is a significant responsibility. Pest management professionals know that materials must be mixed and handled according to the product label. Higher dosages do not make the finished product stronger or more effective. It can actually do just the opposite. Proper application is critcal for success.

Ethics and honesty are critical. These are issues we all face in our day to day lives. Who to choose for the work we need to have done. How do we know we can trust them? Our business is based on being trustworthy and loyal to our customers. And you won't find a large display ad in the yellow pages. We are fortunate to have a long list of very loyal customers who have been pleased to refer us to their friends and neighbors. Consequently, referrals are a very important and appreciated part of our business.

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Why Integrated Pest Management? Because this approach takes a look at the whole picture. It's not just spraying something. IPM is a calculated approach to pest control. It's a judicious use of pesticides, addressing conditions that are conducive to pest problems, and where possible excluding them from the home.
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